3 Easy Ways to Boost Brain Function that actually WORK!
February 1, 2016
Bun in the Oven
March 28, 2016

Always Make New Mistakes


If you have never made a mistake, then you have never tried something new. As long as your mistakes are new ones–you are doing just fine!

Dr Ella Coffren
Dr Ella Coffren
Dr. Ella owns and operates her own office, Synaptic Chiropractic, in Westbrook, Maine. Her office's purpose is to create a tribe of truth seekers that celebrate human potential. Dr. Ella's passion is to make learning exciting and let our community flourish with optimized neurological function and effective stress management. She is an international speaker, nutritional coach, stress specialist, and health advocate. Dr. Ella has advanced Chiropractic training and interest in pediatrics and pregnancy as well as functional neurology.

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