Brain Entrainment

``With a busy schedule and long days this has allowed me the recharge I've needed! I get through a full day with energy to spare and increased ability to focus.``

Regular use of BrainTap Technology re-balances brain wave activity, allowing your brain to relax, rest and reboot. BrainTap uses binaural beats, synchronized light frequencies, and guided mediation to become one of the leaders in brain entrainment technology. As you’re guided through various states of consciousness, you can change unwanted behaviors and habits, including those contributing to smoking, poor sleep habits and over-eating, all while helping you feel more relaxed and attentive, energetic, and motivated to succeed.

BrainTap users regularly report that BBT:

  • Reduced or eliminated brain fog and negative mind chatter
  • Provided more energy
  • Promoted relaxation, which contributes to maintaining healthy sleep
  • Did away with unwanted habits and behaviors
  • Enhanced productivity, memory, focus, creativity
  • Improved quality of life

Whether you want to overcome stress eating or conquer a bad habit, instill a positive mindset, advance your career, master your sport, enhance your learning, write the great American novel, get your body super fit or simply regain the health and vitality you deserve, BrainTap Technology is for you!

The BrainTap is available to purchase for at home use or for you may purchase 20 minute sessions at our office for only $20.