Weight Management

Synaptic Chiropractic is proud to partner with Faye Flesher to offer traveling, in home or in office weight  management and fitness coaching. Faye works with Dr. Ella to help tailor any specific health goals needed for each patient, while also bringing her own experience and knowledge to help each client. These services are available to our current patients as part of their overall health care plan.


Weight Coaching                           Cost Per Session

Single Session                                       $75

6 Sessions                                             $40

12 Sessions                                           $30


Services include: education, menu planning & accountability

Fitness Training                            Cost Per Session   

Single Session                                       $75

6 Sessions                                             $40

12 Sessions                                           $30


Learn proper form, new techniques and get great results!

Training Package

Weight Coaching/Fitness Training       6 Sessions     $360.00

Weight Coaching/Fitness Training      12 Sessions   $ 470.00


Focused Education: Bachelor of Science in Health/Fitness – Salem State University, Salem, MA Certified Fitness Specialist and Advanced Fitness Specialist – Springfield College, Springfield, MA Certified Spin Instructor Certified CPR

As a nutrition educator and coach focusing on nutrition and lifestyle, I am your personal advocate for living an energized fulfilling life. My job is to help you find the foods and lifestyle choices that will help you achieve the health you desire.

• Designed and implemented nutrition and fitness programs for more than 200 clients in various companies. Conducted one hour classes and structured specific individual programs for cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss, and strength training.

• Applied nutrition and fitness knowledge , research, analytical and communication skills to assist companies in developing comprehensive preventative health education programs for their employees.

• Counseled clients in the areas of proper diet and nutrition, image and self-esteem, and attainable healthy lifestyle goal setting.