Neurologically Based Chiropractic Care

`` I haven't felt this good in years! No headaches, no pain, better sleep, more energy AND my golf game has even improved! I had gone to countless other doctors and specialists, but going to Dr. Ella was the best choice I've made!``

Our exams focus on evaluating your brain function and overall health. We use state of the art technically to identify the root cause of any dysfunction. Our Stress Response Evaluation allows us to see exactly how your brain is functioning and determine specifically how long and what type of adjustments are needed. We are truly in the business of stopping “bad brain habits” and allowing your brain to achieve peak performance.
Patient care plans typically include light force, neurologically based Chiropractic adjustments. Our adjustments have been proven to improve brain function and provide brain balance. Our techniques are both instrument based and manual/hands on, which are specially chosen for each patient based on their neurological needs. Many of our patients enjoy the fact that our adjustments include no “popping, twisting, or snapping” as they allow a gentle yet specific adjustment of the entire vertebral column, discs, hips, TMJ, shoulders, knees, feet, cranial bones, ribs; or anything else that needs attention. Patients are standing while getting adjusted and babies often even sleep through their adjustments! These adjustments are the best tool in Dr. Ella’s toolkit in improving brain function and returning you to optimal health and wellness.