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Neuro-Chiropractic Care for Adults

Our bodies and minds respond instinctively to small doses of stresses, but aren’t necessarily made to accommodate long-term, chronic stress without negative consequences. When you experience stress for long periods of time, you become more susceptible to developing serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and more. You may also experience anxiety, depression and other mood-related disorders as a result of long-term, chronic stress.

Stress affects your brain and its ability to function. Unmanaged, chronic stress overstimulates the brain and can cause your brain to be in a perpetual fight-or-flight alarm state, even when there is no immediate danger to you. When an actual stimulus triggers an immediate, overwhelming and disproportionately strong physical or emotional reaction, we call it the amygdala hijack. When your brain is in this alarm state, stress hormones flood your body, and your body and brain aren’t given the opportunity to recover and relax as they normally would after a stressful event.

At Synaptic Chiropractic, our goal is to help your mind and body react appropriately to stress, and to teach your brain and body to recover and relax after a stressful event. Dr. Andrea utilizes the Stress Response Evaluation to assess how your brain and body react to and recover from stress. The test shows when your brain may not be communicating as effectively as it could with the rest of your body. These “bad brain habits” are linked to a decrease in overall health and function and can develop long before symptoms ever arise.


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