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Your Personalized Care Plan

Using the Stress Response Evaluation and information gathered during your initial visit, Dr. Andrea will create a customized care plan to address the symptoms that you’re currently experiencing. She’ll consider your goals for the future, current lifestyle choices and any challenges that are standing in your way. The goal of your care plan is to reduce or eliminate the symptoms that brought you to our practice in the first place.

Most care plans for adults require multiple, weekly adjustments for six to eight months. The number of adjustments required per week decreases with time, based on your progress. Every 12 visits, the stress response evaluation will be repeated to measure your progress. Your care plan may be adjusted based on the results of your progress.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Andrea may recommend brain entrainment or neurofeedback training as additions to your care plan. She may also recommend specific supplements that can enhance your results, along with the use of essential oils, which often augments results, as well.

Many of our patients report reduced pain and anxiety, better sleep and better overall health within the first weeks and months of receiving care. You may feel more immune to stress or feel significantly less physical pain after just a few weeks. Our goal at Synaptic Chiropractic is to optimize the connection between your mind and body, maximize your potential and help you achieve peak performance in all that you do.

After your customized care plan has concluded, you have the option to continue receiving adjustments to ensure optimal wellness and peak performance, or you may choose to stop getting adjustments altogether. Whatever pathway you choose, you’ll leave with a solid foundation for better health.

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Neurologically Based Chiropractic Adjustment