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Before chiropractic, I used to get “headaches” that would last 48 hours and would leave me unproductive. Dr. Ella has for sure figured out how my body and brain works way better than I have! I would be a wreck without chiropractic. Thank you for everything you do!  


Dr. Ella has changed my life and made my stress level better. I feel better about myself. I have been coming for over a year and feel great.

Thanks for everything!

Jon Breton

Dr. Ella’s work is such a lovely intersection of science and intuition. I don’t always understand how she knows what she knows about me on a given day, but she’s always eerily right! She’s helped our family tremendously, and I look forward to continuing to see improvements in my physical, emotional and mental health from working with her.


Dr. Ella has changed the way I think about personal health. As a musician, I must be focused on entertaining the crowd, which leaves little room to focus on my well-being while performing. Dr. Ella has allowed me the ability to do both and come away energized and ready to interact with all that come to our shows. I feel like a whole new person. 

Neal of Stealing North

Having been diagnosed with a neurological disease, Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM), I learned early-on that there was no cure. In the meantime, my wife was absolutely convinced that Dr. Ella was “doing her magic” with her significant back issues. Seeing great improvement with her time with Dr. Ella convinced me to give chiropractic a chance. IBM was giving me posture problems with simple things like walking. I looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame when walking. After 3 months of treatment my friends were astonished at my improved posture-wow- what a difference. I’m a believer!!! Thank you! I’m finally upright! 


Dr. Ella is amazing! With her Synaptic Chiropractic and essential oils, I’ve seen a difference in just one month. She has helped reduce my stress, change m sleep patterns for the better, and increase my personal focus. 100% Recommended!!


Our experience here has been wonderful. We were “a bit” apprehensive when we started but decided to give Dr. Ella a chance. We are delighted to say, everything she has done for us has been amazing! It is truly remarkable how much better we feel. I suspect our friends and family may be tired of hearing about our experience, we have recommended her to several people, and will continue to do so. Dr. Ella is extremely knowledgeable and very impressive! Thanks Dr. Ella!

Bruce and Pat

Before seeing Dr. Ella, I was experiencing the life of an eighty-year-old. I barely could move around my muscles were so stiff. My hair was thinning and not growing at all. My mood was down in the dumps constantly. Today I feel more like my “true self’. A 38-year-old woman who can exercise, my hair is growing, and my mood is much better. I highly recommend her services for anyone who is at the end of their rope.


I have been to other chiropractors in the past that have fixed the problem for the moment. They also haven’t looked at the whole body and issues that could be causing things to occur. Dr. Ella is very connected with whole body healing.  She didn’t just look at my injury and what she could do to fix my shoulder. The brain and the entire body were examined, and a plan was made to work with the whole body.

She is keeping me able to do my job and is helping me feel better in the process.


Who could believe! Dr. Ella is a miracle worker. She is a thorough professional, her medical knowledge is wide ranging and research based, and her sunny personality always lifts the spirit. It took a while to become a Synaptic believer, but I’m convinced that her work makes much more sense then most of that provided by the typical medical community.

Joe Foster

Chiropractic changed my life. Dr. Ella is a kind-hearted person who is passionate about what she does. I’m very happy to call her my chiropractor. Thank you for making the world a better place one adjustment at a time!


After 6 months of migraines debilitating to everyday -auroras, sever headaches, lack of sleep, nausea, tension- I came to Dr. Ella. With Dr. Ella’s technique addressing not only the physical but emotional as well. I’m back on track. Thank you, Dr. Ella it’s been life, changing!

Amanda D

Dr. Ella listens to you and your body. Over the last few months has made such a big difference in my overall health and frame of mind.


Dr. Ella has helped me not only physically to support my shoulder and high demands of my job but also emotionally and mentally to support the stressors of everyday life. I would recommend Dr. Ella to everyone, she is literally and “overall life saver.


Dr. Ella has changed my life! My stress levels are way down, I’m sleeping better, and my overall quality of life has improved dramatically. My migraines are less frequent, and the intensity and duration has decreased significantly. I’m so grateful for the care I have received from her. Thank you, Dr. Ella!


We love Dr. Ella!

I started coming a few months before I started to bring my son. Before I came, we were always going to the chiropractor every 6 months. Then after an injury that happened over a year ago, I started going to my other chiropractor every other week and after almost 1 year was still going and nothing was getting better. I decided I would try Dr. Ella. Her technique only took a few visits to notice a difference and in less than 6 months to have recuperated movement. That’s when I decided to switch my son over, as he plays high impact hockey and struggles with ADD and anxiety and Dr. Ella felt she would make a better impact for him and we have never been happier with our decision.


I suffer from degenerative disc disease (DGG), anxiety, and stress and have tried several avenues (medication, surgery, physical therapy, other chiropractic care, and recently essential oils) to assist in this life long daily challenge. A kind and very good friend of mine, who recently introduced me to essential oils, referred me to Dr. Ella back in November 2017 due to her unique chiropractic that she provides. So, I started seeing Dr. Ella in December and have never looked back!

I have gone to many classes regarding dealing with changes at work, working with many types of personalities, management, necessities, and other customer service related work. I’m finding myself sleeping better, reacting better, and breathing better due to Dr. Ella’s unique chiropractic care and wellness.

I am truly amazed with her unique chiropractic care of 1sttargeting my brain and how it reacts and drives my pain, my anxiety, and my stress and then incorporating into a lifestyle change. One of my personal goals is to get off taking certain medications and Dr. Ella is assisting me by teaching me deep belly breathing (I never did before), using certain essential oils, and seeing her on a weekly basis for needed adjustments. Because of this, I have begun cutting my medications in half, which so far has been remarkable.

I have highly recommended her to my family & friends! 


Does anyone have a pen I could borrow?” Yes, that how it all began…my life changing experience with Dr. Ella.

Severe sciatic nerve pain had me on a search for a natural cure what would get me back in motion and feeling like myself again. That’s when a friend handed my one of Dr. Ella’s “crooked” pens. I investigated the information written on the side and decided to give Synaptic Chiropractic a try.

Dr. Ella’s natural treatments, supplements, encouragement and support not only cured my pain, but helped make other positive changes in my quality of life. I can honestly say I am feeling the best I have ever felt, and I am now on a maintenance program to keep this greet feeling going.

Dr. Ella truly cares about her patients. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Dr. Ella is always eager to educate and share information with her patient that will help themmake positive changes in theirlives.

Thank you, Dr. Ella, for changing mine!

Helen Farnsworth

Dr. Ella has changed my life! I’ve been to 5 other chiropractors and I can truly attest to how positively different her process is. I was having debilitating, chronic migraines, daily headaches, anxiety, panic attacks and a horrible sense of gloom and doom. I felt like a simple walk would give me a two-day migraine. I was also experiencing sever TMJ. That was almost one year ago and now I am completely back to myself hiking in the woods with my dog and family. Dr. Ella helped me more than all the other chiropractors combined. My sleep, energy, and general outlook/wellbeing is amazingly improved. My migraines have reduced from 2x/week to once/month and my daily headache has disappeared. Thank you, Dr. Ella!

C. MacD.

Since coming to Synaptic I have noticed less lower back ache/pain. I also have been able to focus a lot more. I’m also glad I started coming because I finally got my boyfriend to come as well! I love learning about different oils, facts and tips that Dr. Ella always has. I couldn’t picture not coming now that we have started! The staff are amazing and make it that much more enjoyable to come here! Thank you!  


Almost every time I go to Synaptic Chiropractic it is after school and I’ve had a long day,but after that I feel really really good and happy. I can’t stop laughing even if something is not funny.

Violet S.

I have been to several chiropractors over my life time. All were helpful at the time. But none have had the perspective and technique of Dr. Ella. Although I don’t look forward to the scans. I appreciate that they help her determine treatment. Being an active senior and now having been seeing her for a while, I find that my recovery from activity is faster and many times, I am not in need of an immediate adjustment. This was not so true in the past.
Dr. Ella is patient, non-critical, and understanding of where you are. She always has a smile and you always feel good coming to see her. Thank you, Dr. Ella, for that you do.

Dianne R.