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I suffer from degenerative disc disease (DGG), anxiety, and stress and have tried several avenues (medication, surgery, physical therapy, other chiropractic care, and recently essential oils) to assist in this life long daily challenge. A kind and very good friend of mine, who recently introduced me to essential oils, referred me to Dr. Ella back in November 2017 due to her unique chiropractic that she provides. So, I started seeing Dr. Ella in December and have never looked back!

I have gone to many classes regarding dealing with changes at work, working with many types of personalities, management, necessities, and other customer service related work. I’m finding myself sleeping better, reacting better, and breathing better due to Dr. Ella’s unique chiropractic care and wellness.

I am truly amazed with her unique chiropractic care of 1sttargeting my brain and how it reacts and drives my pain, my anxiety, and my stress and then incorporating into a lifestyle change. One of my personal goals is to get off taking certain medications and Dr. Ella is assisting me by teaching me deep belly breathing (I never did before), using certain essential oils, and seeing her on a weekly basis for needed adjustments. Because of this, I have begun cutting my medications in half, which so far has been remarkable.

I have highly recommended her to my family & friends!

– Heidi