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Breakthrough research that every woman needs to know about!

The results are in, the research report has been approved for publication and I thought you’d like to know the scoop. This is big news for women and Chiropractors alike!

Chiropractic care can have an impact on pelvic floor muscles
Pregnant women who received chiropractic care had a greater ability to relax their pelvic floor muscles at rest.
This relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles may mean that Chiropractic care could be of benefit to pregnant women, as it may help them have a natural vaginal delivery.

Why this study matters: Your pelvic floor muscles are integral to the birth process, and to the prevention of incontinence and other issues, which makes this an exciting piece of knowledge for Chiropractors and for women receiving Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care may actually enhance your chances of having a natural, complication free childbirth. This is better for both mother and baby.

Pregnancy, childbirth and aging can put these muscles through their paces. Across the world, millions of women suffer from incontinence and related conditions, contributing to a massive emotional, physical, social and financial costs and stress.

Dr Haavik (Neuroscientist and Chiropractic Researcher):

‘We know that women experience on average a 24% reduction in the length of labour time with chiropractic care during pregnancy and that rises to a 33% reduction for those mothers who have given birth before. By altering the biomechanics and neuromuscular control of the pelvis we are likely enabling the muscles to become more relaxed and joints more mobile which probably helps them to expand more freely during labour and settle more easily afterwards.’

source: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/GE1410/S00034/benefits-of-chiropractic-care-during-pregnancy.htm